We are so excited to be a part of the upcoming Haringey Feast.

As the cultural education partnership of the borough, one of our key aims is to improve access to cultural activity for all of Haringey’s young people, so when Haringey Council invited us to be a part of this historic cultural event – we were ecstatic.

Haringey Feast is an exciting project funded as part of the Mayor of London’s Cultural Impact Awards that culminates in an event hosted at Alexandra Palace on the 19th November where attendees will be invited to Feast in Haringey’s culture. It is all about honouring and celebrating past and current creativity, innovation, and progress from across our brilliant borough.

It will bring together Haringey’s creators, cultural organisations, and residents to celebrate everything creative our unique borough has to offer. Leading up to the day, workshops and maker classes, led by local creatives will be held across the borough (Check them out here).

This is where we come in, we have partnered with visual artist Mike Amorelli of Studio306 in Wood Green to deliver print screening workshops in five schools across the borough.

The pupils will design and make placemats for the Feast by printing their designs onto fabric. This medium was chosen to honour the great history of printing in Haringey with the Gestetner Works that opened in 1906 in Tottenham Hale. This company created the Gestetner Cyclostyle duplicating machine, which went on to evolve into the modern printers we have today. The company employed thousands of people in Haringey and changed the way information could be shared.

If you would like to hear more about Haringey Feast, and the workshops happening over the coming weeks and months, visit the Feast website here: https://www.haringeyfeast.com/home-page