Work Experience

Why Creative WEX is so important?
Work experience in the creative sector is immensely valuable.

Work experience allows young people to develop a deeper understanding of various creative fields, such as graphic design, film, music production, and more. Early involvement can ignite passion and clarify career aspirations, helping students make informed decisions about their future education and career paths.

Engaging in work experience in creative sectors provides hands-on learning. Students gain critical skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication, which are essential in any profession. Additionally, it fosters creativity and innovation, encouraging students to think outside the box and develop unique solutions.

In Haringey, with its vibrant cultural scene, students have access to diverse creative opportunities. This local engagement helps them build networks and relationships with professionals, providing mentorship and potential job prospects. Moreover, experiencing the real-world application of their studies can boost students’ confidence and motivation.

Ultimately, work experience in the creative industries equips Haringey’s youth with practical skills, professional insights, and a clearer vision of their career path, laying a strong foundation for their future success in a competitive job market.

Schools/Colleges who want WEX Placements in the Creative Sector

If you’re interested in sourcing placements for your students in the creative sector please take a look at our list of trusted providers.

WEX Providers

If you’re interested in providing work experience opportunities please take a look at our resources folders where you’ll find a handy checklist, risk assessment templates and other documentation required to be able to provide placements.