The Big Creative Conversation

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The key question is, what does creativity mean to you?

The Big Creative Conversation is all about finding out what creativity means to each and every one of us. We invite all children and young people to respond to this, and we are open to whatever medium suits them best. We have created resources (available for download below) that make it easy for teachers, parents, youth leaders and more to engage in this conversation with worksheets for children and young people to use to respond.

Why Participate?

  • We want children and young people to tell us what they want more of in Haringey, what they want to see, and how they want to hear about what’s going on.
  • Young people’s responses will inform the Haringey Culture Strategy which is being written by Haringey Council right now. 

Who can participate?

  • If you live or go to school in Haringey you can participate.
  • These conversations can take place in class and be tailored to a number of subjects, run at youth clubs, or even done alone.

How to participate

We have created a series of resources including:

  • Worksheet (including the questions and space to respond through drawing) 
  • Workshop for KS1+
  • Workshop KS3+

You can use these worksheets and workshops, or express yourselves in the way that’s best for you!

Teacher & Facilitator Packs

This includes all facilitation materials, and examples of the visual and written worksheets for students.

Workshop & Worksheets for KS1+

Visual worksheets and drawing exercises for young people in KS1+

Workshop & Worksheets for KS3+

Visual resources, questionnaire and drawing activity for young people in KS3+.

Submitting your responses

Feel free to respond to the questions through any format; dance, photography, video, voice note, poetry, art etc. and send to us.

OR be in with a chance to win a £5 book voucher and fill in this online worksheet.

The Big Creative Conversation 2021 Results

We spoke to Primary, Secondary and Special Schools

children & young people
different schools

The 2021 iteration of The Big Creative Conversation launched as part of the London Festival of Ideas, which explored individual and collective visions and plans for strong communities in London.

Check out the full results of our 2021 Big Creative Conversation here