Do you want to know more about career pathways in the creative industries? Are you eager to hear directly from creative professionals about how they got to where they are today? We’ve got something exciting coming up for you.

The UK Creative Industries is a fast-growing sector, growing at four times the rate of the UK economy as a whole, and has experienced strong growth in all parts of the UK. It is important to us here at Haringey Creates that career pathways are considered when expanding and enriching creative provision.

We have teamed up with Made By Tottenham to host a creative careers event to highlight the many pathways available to young people. Local artists will give talks and interactive workshops that focus on what their careers have been like, how young people could get there, and what life is like for creatives.

This exciting event is taking place on 17 March from 2pm to 6pm at the London Academy of Excellence Tottenham

We’ll be with a variety of creatives in gaming, fashion, music and more, as well as our partners – some of the borough’s most influential cultural organisations.

The event is open to school groups, youth groups and individuals and is suitable for ages 14 to 21.

There will be opportunities for your young people to network with local artists, organisations and institutions and ask questions relevant to them.

Session one: 2pm – 4pm, includes talks and workshops from:

  • Jonathan Hagos, Architect, Co-director of Freehaus
  • Bee Veronika Moore, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Founder of Witty Ditty Designs Art ‘n’ Tech Workshops
  • Sian Dorman, Artist & Designer in sustainable art and accessories

Session two: 4:30pm – 6pm, includes talks and workshops from: 

  • Amaranta Wright, Managing Director of LatinoLife, Media, Events and Music
  • Richard Dixon, Photographer and Founder of Aseptic Studios
  • Nigel Twumasi, Founder of Mayamada who designs games and comics
  • Eloisa Henderson Figueroa, Visual Artist

If you would like to attend please click here or email to book your space!

About Made by Tottenham
Made by Tottenham aims to support the local creative economy, freelancers and businesses by offering business advice and guidance, skills &training and a platform for news, events and opportunities. Visit, browse the profile of local creatives, or create your own profile. You can get in touch or follow them on Instagram @madebytottenham